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Some of you have been asking what I do for my workouts other than running so I figured I’d post my weekly workout routine – which, by the way, always changes! Running is obviously my go-to. Not just because I enjoy it, but also because I burn the most calories (in general) running. At the same time, I also know that it’s important to switch it up and try other things. I’m really focused on toning up my body this year and I’ve never been happier with the results, which I wouldn’t have achieved without cross training and lifting.


Here’s exactly what I did last week.


Sunday: Ran 11 miles. I am currently training for the Philadelphia Marathon and it requires me to do one long run a week. I felt amazing Sunday morning. I woke up at 7:30 to get it over with, which isn’t easy to do on a weekend! It was perfectly breezy, cool and beautiful on Kelly drive. I’m going to try to wake up earlier on the weekends more often because when I wait until noon in the summertime to run it’s always too hot.


Monday: Ran to Antonio’s gym (2.5 miles), elliptical for 30 minutes and then lifted. On the elliptical I usually do a HIIT workout on levels 10, 15 and 20. I use 5 pound weights for most arm exercises and do a lot of fast reps. I’m not trying to get bulky; I just want to be more toned. I burned over 800 calories in about 90 minutes.


Tuesday: Ran to the arm museum and back (5 miles). When I got to the art museum, I did 10 HARD reps up the steps and down without stopping. When I say hard, I mean all-out-can-barely-breathe-can’t-wait-to-stop-hard. Hills are really important if you’re training for a race and I’ve found that doing hills once a week has really improved my pace and ability to stay strong going up a hill or two during a race.


Wednesday: Cross fit class at my gym. It’s a boot camp style class and my favorite trainer teaches it. It’s seriously killer and I always feel so accomplished when I leave.


Thursday: Ran 6 miles after work and felt AWFUL. On my hard runs, my heart rate is usually around 180. Thursday night it was 185 on average and even broke 190 a few times. Eek! It’s amazing how you can run 11 miles one day and feel amazing, and then run 6 the next and feel like you’re gonna die. I think it was because it was so humid out. Or the fact that I haven’t really given myself any rest-days yet this week. Which brings me to…


Friday: Off day! : ) We went out Thursday night; Antonio’s friend was visiting from LA and some of my girls joined us. There was no way I was waking up for a morning run after that. Friday night we went to the Eagles pre-season game against the patriots which was a lot of fun. I ate like crap and drank beer and I LOVED every second of it.


Saturday: Ran 13 miles. I was really proud of myself for finishing it. Towards the end my legs started feeling really weak but I got through it!

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