Portugal iPhone diary

Just got home from Portugal and had the most amazing trip of my life. I fell in love with the country and (even more) in love with Antonio’s family. I’m literally sitting in the car right now on our drive home from the airport and it’s crazy to think I’ve been gone for almost 2 weeks. Here’s a little preview of our trip! We took a ton of pictures on our new camera and I can’t wait to share them.

My love.

I loved the cute little houses in Antonio’s grandmother’s town. A lot of them had amazing tile work and a ton of color.

I am proud to say that I actually ran while there! Definitely NOT enough. But usually when we go away I suck at making time for my long runs. I ran to this town up a mountain (literally) called Luso, which is famous for their natural spring water. It was 5 miles away so I got in 2 hard 10 mile runs while we were there.

When you get to the top there is an area where you can get fresh spring water and it tastes amazing. Not to mention, it was the best motivation ever to keep running.

A bunch of the locals fill up their water jugs here and take them home for drinking water – which we did while we were there.

Cute house on my way up to Luso.

So handsome.

My favorite part of our trip was the time we spent in Albufeira, which is in the Algarve region in the south of Portugal. It was breathtaking… The most beautiful beaches I’ve seen in my life.

On our walk to the beach we accidentally discovered this hidden little beach surrounded by giant rock formations. It was the best accident ever.

The beach where we spent most of our time.

So beautiful.

The sun ombré bleached my nails!! Thought it was pretty cool. If only I could paint them like this.

Being weirdos. On the way back from the algarve we stopped to see a famous Portuguese monetary. So beautiful..


Travasso is Antonio’s grandmother’s town.

We got there juuuuust in time before closing so we had about 15 minutes to walk around inside.

Antonio’s grandmother. Such a sweet lady. I hated saying goodbye.

Bunny in their backyard. Right next to the chickens!

His grandmother walking through the backyard.

We spent a day in Porto, which is where Port Wine comes from.

Beautiful view in Porto.

Beers in Porto : )


We spent our last day in Lisbon before flying out.

Cutie. More beers… Clearly a common theme here ; ). I need some major detox starting tomorrow.


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  1. Your photos are so beautiful! I’m so glad you had an amazing time! I am in total awe that you ran up and down a mountain.

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