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So I know it’s summertime here but this applies to any weather that you hate working out in – whether it’s snow, rain, the heat or the freezing cold. I have to remind myself of this quote every time it’s ridiculously hot out or raining this summer. “Bad weather” isn’t a good enough reason to slack off – it’s an excuse.

“I can’t run because it’s raining out.”
Some mornings I’ll wake up early to go for a run and I’ll hop right back in bed if it’s raining. I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I even hope it’s raining so that I have a reason to get back in bed. The truth is, I always end up soaking wet in sweat anyways, so who cares if it’s raining?! In fact, I ran last week in the rain and it actually felt refreshing. (I’m not talking crazy thunder and lightning storms, just light showers.) Bring a zip block baggie if you need to carry your phone and wear light clothes that won’t absorb too much water and drag you down. I promise, you won’t melt. : )

“It’s way too hot out to run.”
Okay – this might be true sometimes. Perfect example: two weeks ago we had a crazy heat wave in the city. It was disgustingly humid and well over 90 degrees each day. I was being stubborn (and stupid) one day and decided to run to my softball game five miles away. I thought I’d be fine – I was chugging water all day and I ate a great lunch so I’d definitely have the energy, right? Well unfortunately the heat got the best of me. I got lost in the middle of Fairmount Park and had to call Antonio to come pick me up. I was so dizzy that I could barely read the street signs and at one point I think I almost blacked out. That’s just plain stupid. While the heat may prevent you from running during the day or after work, there is no reason why you can’t wake up an hour earlier and get in a workout before the sun comes up!


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