iPhone diary

Antonio showed up to my softball game last night with these. We met exactly 3 years ago playing softball! Such a cute surprise.

Sushi date in the city with my baby brother Evan & Antonio.

Sushi. I did not edit this photo; he’s just that tan.

We met up with my other brother & his girlfriend after sushi. They were on a date at Tria – one of my favorite spots in the city. How cute are they? She’s visiting from Japan for the month.

Morning runs with Back On My Feet.

Love running around city hall. Sometimes I forget how amazing the building’s architecture is. This picture doesn’t do it justice.

I got home from a run the other day and poured myself not two, not three but four drinks. Guess I was thirsty?!

Made another batch of my healthy oatmeal blueberry muffins. I’m obsessed. (plate – anthropologie).

Went to 2 phillies games last week! I love that we’re only a 15 minute subway ride away.

Having a beer in the parking lot is necessary before entering the stadium.

Antonio surprised me with 4th row seats! Never sat so close.

Sister and her boyfriend Nick being weirdos. : P


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