The Professional Girl’s Survival Kit




1. A Plastic Drinking Cup for Water.  If you don’t have a cup of water in front of you at all times, you should.  Keeping a plastic drinking cup at your desk will encourage you to drink more water and help you stay hydrated all day long.    Drinking more water will make you feel more energized, improve your workouts after work and speed up your metabolism.

2. A box of your favorite protein or granola bars.  When I’m having a busy morning and I don’t have time to pack breakfast or lunch, I always have the option to eat a balance bar; I keep a box of them at my desk.  This prevents me from eating something unhealthy (like a bagel or a breakfast sandwich) when I don’t have the time to pack something.

3. An extra pair of running shoes and workout clothes.  Usually I plan ahead and bring my workout clothes with me each day.  However, sometimes I forget and at the end of the day, I’m really in the mood to head to the gym for spinning class or cross fit.  There’s no excuse not to hit the gym when I always have an extra set of workout clothes to change into.

4.  A set of silverware, a plate and a bowl.  This will encourage you to eat healthier rather than ordering out or stopping by the cafeteria.  In particular, keep a sharp cutting knife so that you can cut up fresh fruit and veggies for your meals.  I head to the local farmer’s market on my lunch once a week and grab a bunch of fresh fruit and veggies to keep at my office for meals.

5. Gum.  Whenever you’re craving something sweet, chew some fruity gum instead of heading to the vending machine.


As simple as it seems, keeping the 5 items above at your desk will lead to a healthier (and happier) lifestyle.




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