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Clean Eating Mexican Dip

Clean Eating Mexican Salad - Run or Shine

After countless attempts, I have perfected the most amazing Mexican dip ever.  It’s usually gone in 10 minutes anytime we have a party at our house.  (Not exaggerating.) I love this dip – and not just because it’s so delicious.  It’s chock full of healthy vegetables and nutrients.  I don’t feel guilty eating it.  Sometimes I even make it as a ‘side salad’ and eat it by itself.  Here’s how to make it:



  • 1 can black beans
  • 1 can corn
  • Baby carrots (~10)
  • ½ Red pepper
  • ½ Green pepper
  • ½ Orange pepper
  • ½ Yellow pepper
  • ½ Red onion
  • Cucumber
  • Avocado
  • Feta Cheese (8-16 oz)
  • 3 T Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 lime
  • Cracked black pepper & garlic



  • Chop up the peppers, carrots and avocado into smaller pieces (size of a dime or less)
  • Skin, seed and chop up cucumber
  • Rinse and strain the cans of black beans and corn
  • Dice onion into fine pieces
  • Throw all of the veggies, beans, corn and feta into a large bowl & mix together
  • Squeeze lime
  • Mix lime juice, olive oil and black pepper – shake it up in a container for best results
  • Pour dressing over salad & enjoy!



  • You don’t need to use all of the different colored peppers.  If you only want to buy 2 peppers, I’d stick with the red and green and dice up each of the peppers rather than using only half.
  • If you don’t plan on eating all of the dip immediately after making it, skip the avocado and cucumber.  They go bad too quickly after being cut.  Also, keep the dressing on the side to avoid sogginess.
  • If there is a specific ingredient in the dip that you or a guest doesn’t enjoy, skip it!  This is just my favorite combination.
  • For a party, I usually stick with Scoops whole wheat tortilla chips.
  • For a healthier version, try whole wheat pita or eat by itself.  (I actually love it on its own and eat it often as a salad.)
  • It also tastes delicious in a wrap.


Make this dip for a party and trust me, it will be a hit!

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running is a gift


Nike always seems to get it right.

Last year Antonio and I ran in a 5k for kids with cerebral palsy. The shirts they gave out for the race said, “run because you can.” I just love that. It’s so true though. During the half marathon last weekend, I was running next to a woman pushing her son in a wheel chair. When you see things like that, how can you not feel so grateful for the gift of running? Running has given me more confidence, drive and happiness than almost anything in my life.

Speaking of the half marathon, I couldn’t be happier with my time. I ran it in 1:44.30. My goal was under 1:45 so I was ecstatic. My sister surprised me and came home from law school to watch my race. Such a sweet surprise. : )

P.S. I’m officially back at it!! I’ve been such a slacker at blogging lately and my goal this week is to get back into the groove of things. Life has been so crazy lately: work, run, work, run. Let’s be honest – I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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September Running Playlist

Run or Shine - September Running Playlist


I’m running the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in Philadelphia next weekend and I’m so excited!

Before every race I always download a bunch of new music that will pump me up.

Here’s what’s on my running playlist right now.  Hope you like it!


1. Young & Beautiful (Kaskade Remix) – Lana Del Rey

2. Things Can Only Get Better – Cedric Gervais & Howard Jones

3. Take Me Home feat. Bebe Rexha – Cash Cash

4. Kaskade (Official Recording) – Atmosphere

5. I Choose U (Fedde Le Grand Remix) – Timeflies

6. I Follow Rivers (Dj Alsi Remix 2013) – Lykke Li

7. Wake Me Up – Avicii

8. Take Me – Tiesto ft. Kyler England

9. Play Hard ft. Akon & Ne-Yo – David Guetta

10. Animals – Martin Garrix

11. Open Your Eyes – Will K, Marcus Santoro & Daniel Gregorio ft. Mitch Thompson

12. Pursuit Of Happiness (Steve Aoki Dance Remix) – Kid Cudi Feat Mgmt And Ratatat

13. Hurricane – Dzeko & Torres vs Sarah Mcleod

14. Out Of My Mind – Bingo Players

15. Gangsta (Original Mix) – Promise Land

16. Safe and Sound (Cash Cash Remix) – Capital Cities

17. Sparks (Vicetone Remix) – Fedde Le Grand & Nicky Romero ft. Matthew Koma




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Portugal iPhone diary

Just got home from Portugal and had the most amazing trip of my life. I fell in love with the country and (even more) in love with Antonio’s family. I’m literally sitting in the car right now on our drive home from the airport and it’s crazy to think I’ve been gone for almost 2 weeks. Here’s a little preview of our trip! We took a ton of pictures on our new camera and I can’t wait to share them.

My love.

I loved the cute little houses in Antonio’s grandmother’s town. A lot of them had amazing tile work and a ton of color.

I am proud to say that I actually ran while there! Definitely NOT enough. But usually when we go away I suck at making time for my long runs. I ran to this town up a mountain (literally) called Luso, which is famous for their natural spring water. It was 5 miles away so I got in 2 hard 10 mile runs while we were there.

When you get to the top there is an area where you can get fresh spring water and it tastes amazing. Not to mention, it was the best motivation ever to keep running.

A bunch of the locals fill up their water jugs here and take them home for drinking water – which we did while we were there.

Cute house on my way up to Luso.

So handsome.

My favorite part of our trip was the time we spent in Albufeira, which is in the Algarve region in the south of Portugal. It was breathtaking… The most beautiful beaches I’ve seen in my life.

On our walk to the beach we accidentally discovered this hidden little beach surrounded by giant rock formations. It was the best accident ever.

The beach where we spent most of our time.

So beautiful.

The sun ombré bleached my nails!! Thought it was pretty cool. If only I could paint them like this.

Being weirdos. On the way back from the algarve we stopped to see a famous Portuguese monetary. So beautiful..


Travasso is Antonio’s grandmother’s town.

We got there juuuuust in time before closing so we had about 15 minutes to walk around inside.

Antonio’s grandmother. Such a sweet lady. I hated saying goodbye.

Bunny in their backyard. Right next to the chickens!

His grandmother walking through the backyard.

We spent a day in Porto, which is where Port Wine comes from.

Beautiful view in Porto.

Beers in Porto : )


We spent our last day in Lisbon before flying out.

Cutie. More beers… Clearly a common theme here ; ). I need some major detox starting tomorrow.

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things I’m lovin’ thursday

Sorry I have been so MIA lately! This past week has been crazy. I spent last weekend down the shore in Avalon with my family. It was a lot of fun. I got my long run over with Saturday morning which made the rest of the weekend even more enjoyable.

Anyways, I’ve been cramming like crazy for a CPCU insurance exam that I have on Friday morning. Right after the exam I am heading straight to the airport and leaving for Portugal! Which leads me to…

My bedtime reading lately. A friend of ours, jack, got me this book when he heard Antonio and I were going to Portugal this summer. So sweet. Antonio has been there since last week and I miss him like crazy. Feels like a part of me is missing! He has family over there and we’ll be staying at his grandmother’s for most of our time there. We also booked a few days in a resort in the south of Portugal. Ahhh, just thinking about it makes me smile. : ) We finally invested in a nice camera so I will have plenty of pictures to post on the blog after our trip.

This cereal. Warning! It’s addicting. I had it for dinner tonight. It’s delicious with coconut almond milk.

Statement necklaces. I picked this up last weekend at a jewelry shop on the boardwalk. It always pains me a little bit spending more than $20 on a necklace but I’m always so glad I did. Statement necklaces can make an outfit.

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iPhone diary

Last weekend we had a going away party for my sister and my friend Joan showed up in the exact.same.outfit. It was completely unplanned and I was dying when she walked into our house in this outfit. Which obviously meant my other girls had to change into similar outfits… ; )

These girls are my world.

I got my braces on this day and which would explain why everyone has grillz. My friend Kate wore her retainer all night. Talk about a real friend. <3 20130814-113733.jpg
Gorgeous flowers from my friend Gianna.

Gym dates with my love. He’s so handsome…

Playing Cards Against Humanity. If you don’t have this (incredibly inappropriate and hilarious) game, buy it. Now!!!

My step sister Danielle got married! She looked so amazing and the wedding was absolutely adorable.

Baby brothers at the ceremony.

How cute?!

Pretty center pieces.

Post long run bubble baths are my savior.

Erik and Evan moved in this past weekend. So glad I have a new workout buddy in Ev : )

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I never thought the day would come.  I’ve finally accepted the fact that I will never have those skinny stick-thin model legs.  No matter how much I run, don’t run, lift, or don’t lift, eat, or don’t eat.  (Let’s be real:  I love food way too much to stop eating so I guess we’ll never know if that would work).  I’m happy to say that I’ve embraced my muscular runner’s legs and have grown to not only love them, but to be proud of them.

Mind you, I might  have a slight change of heart when it’s fall again and I can’t fit into 90% of the cute riding boots I want because of my ridiculous calves; but for now, it’s summer and I fully intend on wearing the little lace shorts I’m obsessed with and rocking mini dresses without a care in the world.

P.S. I leave for Portugal in less than 2 weeks and I couldn’t be more excited!


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weekly workout routine


Some of you have been asking what I do for my workouts other than running so I figured I’d post my weekly workout routine – which, by the way, always changes! Running is obviously my go-to. Not just because I enjoy it, but also because I burn the most calories (in general) running. At the same time, I also know that it’s important to switch it up and try other things. I’m really focused on toning up my body this year and I’ve never been happier with the results, which I wouldn’t have achieved without cross training and lifting.


Here’s exactly what I did last week.


Sunday: Ran 11 miles. I am currently training for the Philadelphia Marathon and it requires me to do one long run a week. I felt amazing Sunday morning. I woke up at 7:30 to get it over with, which isn’t easy to do on a weekend! It was perfectly breezy, cool and beautiful on Kelly drive. I’m going to try to wake up earlier on the weekends more often because when I wait until noon in the summertime to run it’s always too hot.


Monday: Ran to Antonio’s gym (2.5 miles), elliptical for 30 minutes and then lifted. On the elliptical I usually do a HIIT workout on levels 10, 15 and 20. I use 5 pound weights for most arm exercises and do a lot of fast reps. I’m not trying to get bulky; I just want to be more toned. I burned over 800 calories in about 90 minutes.


Tuesday: Ran to the arm museum and back (5 miles). When I got to the art museum, I did 10 HARD reps up the steps and down without stopping. When I say hard, I mean all-out-can-barely-breathe-can’t-wait-to-stop-hard. Hills are really important if you’re training for a race and I’ve found that doing hills once a week has really improved my pace and ability to stay strong going up a hill or two during a race.


Wednesday: Cross fit class at my gym. It’s a boot camp style class and my favorite trainer teaches it. It’s seriously killer and I always feel so accomplished when I leave.


Thursday: Ran 6 miles after work and felt AWFUL. On my hard runs, my heart rate is usually around 180. Thursday night it was 185 on average and even broke 190 a few times. Eek! It’s amazing how you can run 11 miles one day and feel amazing, and then run 6 the next and feel like you’re gonna die. I think it was because it was so humid out. Or the fact that I haven’t really given myself any rest-days yet this week. Which brings me to…


Friday: Off day! : ) We went out Thursday night; Antonio’s friend was visiting from LA and some of my girls joined us. There was no way I was waking up for a morning run after that. Friday night we went to the Eagles pre-season game against the patriots which was a lot of fun. I ate like crap and drank beer and I LOVED every second of it.


Saturday: Ran 13 miles. I was really proud of myself for finishing it. Towards the end my legs started feeling really weak but I got through it!

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Things I’m Lovin’ Thursday


Lululemon Street to Studio Jacket

I’ve had my eye on this Lulu jacket for MONTHS! I love it. So much so that I aaaallllmost spent full price on it. And that says a lot because Lulu is always a little too pricey for my wallet. A few weeks ago I was in the store and It was on sale for $64. I was ecstatic but of course, they didn’t have my size in the color I wanted. Since then, I’ve been stalking the “Lululemon – We Made Too Much” sale page waiting for this beauty to go on sale. It finally happened! I snagged it in Black, size 6. I got the black because I’ll be wearing it to work and I don’t want to look too ridiculous walking into my office – especially because I carry my Lulu teal tote with me every day too. The other colors (which I’ve seen in person) are all super cute. If I wasn’t planning on wearing it to and from work, I would have gotten the ‘faded zap’ (shown above) or the ‘pop orange’. I usually go a size up in Lulu – in shorts, pants and most tops. Anyway… the 6 fits me perfectly and it’s pretty true to size for Lulu. I wanted to make sure I had room to wear a long sleeve or t-shirt underneath. It’s super comfy and water-resistant, so it’ll be perfect for my morning bike rides into the office when it’s drizzling. I also love the hood on it. Clearly, I’m obsessed. If you can find your size/color online, I’d snag it if I were you! It’s way too good of a deal to pass up.



Can’t get enough of them lately and according to Subway, it’s avocado season. The other night for dinner I made this salad and it was amazing. 1 avocado, 2 small tomatoes, ½ ball fresh mozzarella with EVOO and balsamic vinegar dressing. Makes 2 servings! It’s super easy to make and it tastes like something you’d order at a restaurant.


Barney’s Almond Butter

I’ve tried a few different types of almond butter and Barney’s is one of my favorites. I just ordered another 16 oz. jar online from Vitacost.com for $8.81. Although it’s more expensive than peanut butter, it’s a really good price for almond butter. Some of the small containers at Whole Foods are over $10! Which is insane. While I do love peanut butter, I prefer almond butter with my fruit in the morning. One of my favorite breakfasts is a chopped up red apple, a sliced banana, Barney’s almond butter and maple pecan granola. YUM.

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motivation monday


So I know it’s summertime here but this applies to any weather that you hate working out in – whether it’s snow, rain, the heat or the freezing cold. I have to remind myself of this quote every time it’s ridiculously hot out or raining this summer. “Bad weather” isn’t a good enough reason to slack off – it’s an excuse.

“I can’t run because it’s raining out.”
Some mornings I’ll wake up early to go for a run and I’ll hop right back in bed if it’s raining. I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I even hope it’s raining so that I have a reason to get back in bed. The truth is, I always end up soaking wet in sweat anyways, so who cares if it’s raining?! In fact, I ran last week in the rain and it actually felt refreshing. (I’m not talking crazy thunder and lightning storms, just light showers.) Bring a zip block baggie if you need to carry your phone and wear light clothes that won’t absorb too much water and drag you down. I promise, you won’t melt. : )

“It’s way too hot out to run.”
Okay – this might be true sometimes. Perfect example: two weeks ago we had a crazy heat wave in the city. It was disgustingly humid and well over 90 degrees each day. I was being stubborn (and stupid) one day and decided to run to my softball game five miles away. I thought I’d be fine – I was chugging water all day and I ate a great lunch so I’d definitely have the energy, right? Well unfortunately the heat got the best of me. I got lost in the middle of Fairmount Park and had to call Antonio to come pick me up. I was so dizzy that I could barely read the street signs and at one point I think I almost blacked out. That’s just plain stupid. While the heat may prevent you from running during the day or after work, there is no reason why you can’t wake up an hour earlier and get in a workout before the sun comes up!

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